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Open Innovation – visualisation challenge – InnoCentive

Short facts:  DEADLINE: 3/17/12  |  ACTIVE SOLVERS: 485  (when this was posted) Find an open data set available from a local government and design a utility (or improve upon an existing utility) that would make the city/town/neighborhood a better place.  Then, using a… Fortsätt läsa →

Infographics tools for anyone – and anything

Seeing sites like, and makes me really happy. I am glad these sites and many, many more simple to use sites that makes data and information come alive exists. You can even use these tools that imports data from other… Fortsätt läsa →

Prototyping for iPhone

I had the opportunity to make an interactive sketch for a project on the iPhone the other day. I was pressed for time and really wanted the project. So I decided to take a closer look at tools for rapid… Fortsätt läsa →

QlikView margins

QlikView is absolutely wonderful. Giving access to data this way deserves standing applause. The enterprises using QlikView gets access to compare, analyze, find relations and display data in a very convenient way. However, as an information designer I find the… Fortsätt läsa →

I wanna go eyeo

Eyeofestival seems like the one place to go this year. All the speakers are absolutely awesome. And all in one place. From the early launch site: eyeo brings together the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping… Fortsätt läsa →

Graphs, triagrams and national strategic foresight panel

I had another really meaningful meeting with former GapMinder staff Jörgen Abrahamsson and Professor Jonas Löwgren at Medea, Malmö Högskola this tuesday. Jonas documented it really well and put it up here, including a video where we all speak swedish… Fortsätt läsa →

Processing JS – 1.0 arrived – including 3D

I thought I would post my progress on graphs during the summer but things took another direction. At least I got a picture for it. I will write more about that and marrying Jung with Processing later. Picture is NOT… Fortsätt läsa →

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