I have been using Adobes products for more than 12 years. But recently, probably the last two years or something, their products just looks great. This is a simple splash-screen. Just perfectly laidout. Really impressive how their corporate or rather product design makes an impact in all their products, sites etc. I’ve just seen one really awful example, in their downloadmanager, that makes it a small step from perfect.

The total productdesign pushed through every aspect that I as a consumer have contact with is impressive. I have actually never considered all the places you can make a mark with your productdesign in software. Apple is just a whole experience and I just assume that it should look great. But it just strikes me sometimes, like when installing a demo from Adobe, how subtle and just very nicely laid out it all is. Impressive and it seems like the management realises the power of the graphic design in their case.

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