We have this wonderful software. It manages, structures data in a perfect way. I’m not kidding. It truly is perfect in this perspective. We use it for several global enterprises in Sweden already. It works like a charm.

To visualise the data from this software makes the visualisation process speed up quite dramatically. It more or less cuts the “classic” visualisation process in half.


Having this fortune I can focus more intense on the representation and interaction than the ordinary visualiser can. It also liberates me from rough questions like how does these bit of data or information connect and relate. It is more or less just a matter of giving it a face. To simply show it. Wonderful.

But this also puts me in a rather new situation where I can start thinking about things that might be considered a bit more profound. Like where and how could we show truly invisible structures, like the enterprises business logic. And we can also go a bit further when it comes to decision-support systems. We will be able to “calculate” consequences and thereby also have the possibility to give recommendations depending on a certain consequence. Rulebased in natrue, but still, when you have a global enterprise of 20 000 people or more, it gets kind of hard to have utter control of the enterprise. Our little software could actually give you that. And with a decent visualisation connected to it, present information on a level that we have never seen before.

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