I thought I’d show this idea. I wrote this in october last year in Processing 0148 (nice version btw).

The main purpose of ShapeNet is to get myself to look at more than the first 10 hits of a search at Google. If I only evaluate 10 out of 2.5 million hits, or even click ”next ten” two(!) times, I haven’t looked at more results than in this one ”page” and yet bored in the process. Some people may argue that they get what they want in the first page. I still just have to believe that there might lie some hidden goodies behind on of those 2.5 million hits.

The display of the searchresults are focused on the summary since this is the main ”persuader” of how the page is related to my own intentions. The potential for several enhancements (categorisation/animation/colors) is not yet fully explored. And, it puts the ”surfing” back in websurfing.

You find the whole thing, downloadable and all, under the page ShapeNet in the menu above.

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