Visualising the complete enterprise is not done in an afternoon. One of the key parts of being able to do it at all is having a common point of reference. A common point to refer everything back to. If every piece of information in an enterprise is constantly changing, including values and market behaviour, you need to have one place to actually feel solid ground. Ground that doesn’t move. You have to stand somewhere when you are looking out into the vast space of the information that a global enterprise consists of. Preferably you need to be in the middle of everything to be able to see what’s going on around you, since everything is moving and constantly changing. Very much like a living organism. This solid ground is what we name the common point of reference. Every piece of information has its anchor back to this point.

Having this common point of reference makes the visualisation actually achievable. This common point is not a bunch of servers making up the master data, we would still be confused and have enormous difficulties sorting out what’s what if this would be the case. The common point of reference is one of the most critical parts of an enterprise information management capabilites and in the extension of this the enterprises actual ability to improve and evolve in a controlled way. And critical to be able to produce a visualisation of the data fusion showing the enterprises actual and possible state.

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