Finally we got to see the much talked about exhibition. After a tour round Sweden for invited eyes only and Brussels at the Swedish embassy we (the participating designers/companies) got to see it with our own eyes. The first event took place during the EFAP-conference Crossing Borders – Bridging Gaps in cooperation with Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm, the second event took place during the conference Green Light – Climate change and culture in cooperation with Palladium in Malmö and the the third event, in cooperation with Mirano happened in Brussels. All events was much appreciated. See the whole movie of how the show was done right here. You can also try the whole augmented reality thing right here.

We were proud and happy to contribute with our Visual Enterprise and it was a nice happening at Form&Design Center in Malmö, Sweden. Ulf, our CEO is posing in front of our part in the show in the picture above.