I thought I would post my progress on graphs during the summer but things took another direction. At least I got a picture for it. I will write more about that and marrying Jung with Processing later. Picture is NOT ProcessingJS. It sure could have though.

Because tonight I was amazed to see that ProcessingJS came to 1.0. Including the 3D! I cannot express what this means.

13 years ago I bought this book “Teach yourself VRML2.0 in 21 days”. I thought I would rock in three weeks time, but it never happened. The browser plug-ins that rose, crashed and burned finally killed my interest in 3d on the web. Tonight I start to wonder if the dream is about to wake again. By using Javascript, HTML5 the people at ProcessingJS got something amazing going. WebGl is needed however, but this is included in all the major browsers coming releases. So not to worry about that. I look forward to experiment something real out of this as soon as time will let me. Importing 3d models is not really going to happen anytime soon unless someone writes a cool thingy soon. So back to handwriting the models again and using generated basic models in the meantime.

Amazing times we live in.