Seeing sites like, and makes me really happy. I am glad these sites and many, many more simple to use sites that makes data and information come alive exists. You can even use these tools that imports data from other popular (social) sites as quick tools for making your own fast, but really cool presentation for any other subject. Think of LinkedIn as a placeholder for the timeseries of your choice and map in the special widgets picking info from LinkedIns different slots for information. That is a fast way to make cool interactive infographics for a presentation of any business situation.

But it isn’t just pretty, it is also got well designed UX, trendy images, theme choices and simpler forms of customisations, just to the right point where the user still got the energy to customize. These things together makes people use their data and share it. This is the really great thing. The data doesn’t just sit there, forgotten on some old harddrive. The data lives – it is questioned, referred to, discussed, shared and updated. I really like that and hope to see even more online tools, using other kinds of data than just social, like this in the future. Alot of us likes to make our own software, but some things are just more handy (and less time consuming) to get served. And well served is the general direction.

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