I’m Johan Wastring, graphic designer with a business degree, working with information design, information visualisation, user experience and business development. Tools I use are pen & paper, Processing, Silverlight, QlikView, iOS and Cinder++ a bit too. I work in Lund, Sweden, as an Interaction designer at QlikTech where I am a part of a great UX-team of 10 people and I am UX responsible for Qlikview Management Console v12. You gotta love the whole server world, complexity, strange architecture and usability roughness just waiting to be understandable and usable for normal people. The power of server to the people I’d say.

I have a strong passion for software that makes me happy. I strive to aid in developing software that is enjoyable to the user. Concering the whole information part I still feel strongly about transferring information into knowledge faster and easier to the user. Finding and showing knowledge in data that is not yet discovered. The amount of data and information nowadays is massive. I believe that we have just begun to view information. With the amount of data available today and the flora of techniques and their increasing accessibility it’s just a golden time for new and improved ways of accessing knowledge hidden in all this enormous amount of information and data.

I thank Ben Fry for alot of my energy today. I found his thesis together with Processing in 2007 and suddenly (well six months later at least) found myself able to program a bit. An old dream of mine. The programming seems like a new level of creativeness since I almost write code the way I used to twist curves in Illustrator. Quite amazing.

My main interests are information visualisation, user experience, graphic design, visual communication and typography. Realising the project The Visible Enterprise, a visual representation of the current and future state of the complete enterprise is a vision of mine but I love new challenges with every new project.

I got my business degree from Lund University and my graphic design degree from Forsbergs skola, both in Sweden, but I also took some time to go to Central Saint Martin (Graphic Design) in London.


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