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Prototyping for iPhone

I had the opportunity to make an interactive sketch for a project on the iPhone the other day. I was pressed for time and really wanted the project. So I decided to take a closer look at tools for rapid… Fortsätt läsa →

Processing JS – 1.0 arrived – including 3D

I thought I would post my progress on graphs during the summer but things took another direction. At least I got a picture for it. I will write more about that and marrying Jung with Processing later. Picture is NOT… Fortsätt läsa →

Transparent application window in Processing

The transparent window or shaped window was supposedly not easy to do. I found that by tweaking in the awt of Java it worked kind of as I would like it to do. On Windows XP. NOT on MacOSX. Also… Fortsätt läsa →


Yes, Flash on the Beach 2009, and no its not just Flash developers. It was problably awesome. Sheesh, why can’t people tell me about these kinds of events a little bit sooner 🙂

Simple picking in 3D

Thought I’d post this little hack. I picked up the Terzidis book Algorithms for Visual Design (using Processing) and found a version of my own little 3D picking hack and thought that my hack might be ok. I never saw… Fortsätt läsa →

Move from Processing to Eclipse

Originally posted December 5 2008 Today I moved from the Processing IDE to Eclipse as an environment for the 3D demo development. Hopefully this will mean a bit leaner development with better support from the IDE. There should be no… Fortsätt läsa →

Superpoint library

Very cool library for processing.

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