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Graphs, triagrams and national strategic foresight panel

I had another really meaningful meeting with former GapMinder staff Jörgen Abrahamsson and Professor Jonas Löwgren at Medea, Malmö Högskola this tuesday. Jonas documented it really well and put it up here, including a video where we all speak swedish… Fortsätt läsa →

Visualization clinic

Great fun discussing and debating visualisations in general and some ongoing projects in particular at MEDEA at Malmö Högskola today. Thanks Jonas for having us at MEDEA. We hoped to see some more people from Tibco and Google but it… Fortsätt läsa →

Processing persona for Firefox

I just had to make one. Go get it 🙂

Summary of Visual Enterprise actions & events fall 2008

Originally posted December 13 Since a couple of days before vacation started last summer, alot has happened. At that time I had a rough sketch of the structure with nodes displayed in 3D, made with processing. I’m still sketching in… Fortsätt läsa →

Search results using ShapeNet

I thought I’d show this idea. I wrote this in october last year in Processing 0148 (nice version btw). The main purpose of ShapeNet is to get myself to look at more than the first 10 hits of a search… Fortsätt läsa →

Clear design language in visualisations?

Read a board post at Core77 about design language. Always nice to get more input here. I am quite fascinated by this. And found this link to Mazdas Batmanesque design language on a concept car. I’m just thinking when do… Fortsätt läsa →

A person with two watches is never sure about time

As the old saying goes: “A person with a watch knows the time; a person with two watches is never sure.” The single view of data is crucial in today’s rapid business, but data quality is essential and it has… Fortsätt läsa →

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